Monday, January 11, 2010

The Life thing !

Well to  begin with, i will like to make it clear this not a book review instead its my learnings from the book.
every day we wake up do our daily chores go to college or office or wherever , have some fun with friends on silly topics. Sometimes we feel angry  sometimes we feel sad at other times really happy. But just to be normal in this civilized society we live our life according to certain codes.
we like going out and shouting at the top of our vice but we don't do that as people will consider us mad . We don't go out and let the first drops of rain touch our face as it may look childish and we are grown up. We live our entire life building wall's around ourselves walls that help us stay away from the risks and pains of this materialistic world. and in the process we tune ourselves like machines performing same operation day after day.
And as the time passes this builds an anxiety in our soul. it stats looking for something new And this is the Phase that decides our Life

  • People either succumb to circumstances and accept the monotonous life
  • They decide to switch to temporary pleasure and leads there life to unforeseen miseries 
  • The third kind of people takes a Bold step ahead and look into themselve and find out what they really want and starts a productive and adventerous life that they always wanted to live 
However A very large majority opts the first option and big enough fraction ( which is increasing everyday ) opts for the second option and only a few manage to go with the third one . And they are the people who achieve true sense of being and Real Happiness

Paulo coelho Through his works Always make us think an extra mile about Life and the way we take it and i always find something that was deep inside me resurface after reading his works
I hope You all will also find true meaning of your life

Life is about living and not existing
Happy Life


SARANSH said...

I felt great while reading it.
Really its awesome and i am short of words to describe it!

darpan said...

Hmm well said man its not about living its about giving meaning to our existence...!!! Keep up the Good work.. [:)]

kirti said...

Sum real nice thoughts ......I just wish that a day would come when we all wake up and take that big step to give a meaning to our existence.


@ saransh thanks maahn

@ Darpan Sir
cant tell how awesome it feel to see ur comment on my post :D:D:D

@ kirts
well its always a matter of choice and courage with a bit of timing

Anonymous said...

personaly i like veronica decides to die and i sat by the river piedra and wept a lot more than other paulo coelho's work.

great interpretation of the book :)


hmm i haven't read I sat by the river piedra and wept
will read it soon and if possible will try to interpret it as well
and I am a Paulo fan i have liked all of his work that i have read by far

Prerna Munshi said...

Paulo Coelho's books are so motivating. I had read "The fifth mountain" & I guess it's one of those rare books that have helped me gain my lost confidence.......A new door opens every time I go through the book. :):)