Friday, December 31, 2010

The Remarkable Year

The Remarkable Year
It’s a cliché- writing about resolution for next year and highlights of the passed year. Do you think I will write something banal? Well I just might. This has perhaps been the most remarkable year in my life in terms of lesson that it has taught me. I have learned a lot this year and mostly through failures. So as of now I will narrate my story for this year in terms of confessions and lessons.

The year started with a resolution that I will be more sensible and responsible this year, that I will finish the things that I start, that I will stick to my words, that I will be serious about stuff. Result- Failure, Lesson- No impractical resolutions anymore, Resolution for the coming year- I will stick to my words and for that I will be cautious with my words. I read somewhere the golden rule of professional success is ‘Under promise and over delivery’. Well I think this is something that is fairly accurate in the context of our daily life as well.
This year is supposed to be a defining year in my life as I am going to change my line this year from technical to administrative/managerial. And for that I have written a heck load of tests this year from mock to sectionals to real-time brain grilling tests(except XAT, the toughest one). Result- yet to be declared but the one that has been declared has been a failure. Lesson- It doesn’t matter how good you are at classes or at mocks or at sectionals if you can’t perform your best in these tests. Lesson- gotta learn how to be normal under pressure and will have to avoid putting myself under unnecessary pressure.

One more thing and one of the most important one is I learned that I am not really a genius. I had a notion that I am brilliant, I can do anything and over that I am better than anyone that I have met or will ever met except few( very few). But by the end of this year I happened to come in touch with people with godly intellect, Absolute genius. Result – well I guess this is an abstract one but still I would say the result is that I learned the reality. Lessons- Though there are people who have sharper logical ability or better quantitative ability or may be they know more words than I do or perhaps are better at grammar than I am. But does that make them superior or more importantly how does it bring me down? Well the thing is they have their strengths and I have mine. They have their dreams and I have mine, they have their ways and I have mine. Where any competition does comes in? A test? Well is life all about these tests? No.   But its good that I know that there are lot of people out there with a sharper brain than the one I have. Some with perhaps not as sharp an intellect but a higher capability to work hard and more dedication and as a result they are better than me as well in the overall result. So the point is I have gotta work hard and improve a lot.  

Now most importantly, for my preparations I took sort of a sabbatical from facebook and most forms of social networks barring PG. And in this period of abstinence I realized the value of friends and the strength they give. Its not that they help you out physically all the time or transfer funds into your account but they provide you the necessary encouragement and motivation. They help you in keeping it on, they stick by your side and provides you company in hard times. I love you fellas J there is a lot more that I want to say but its not hitting me right now nor are the thoughts coming in a structured way as they usually come. Thanks for keeping up with me.

Lastly I will specially like to thank a few special people in my life

My parents and brother( though it unlikely any of them will read this, they never had)
My sisters Saki Dee, hiral, ankita dee , feby
My brothers Addu , shree,akash, sumit bhai, nitin bhai sorry if I missed any one.
My Besties Chunnu, bunnu, mittal, gauti, Dj, tannu, Srish
Some other special friends this year
Neha,Satwinder, api, dip da, deba bhai, jeff broda,megz, tashu, Dr. Shraddha, Divyadeep, ruchi, sonam, anu, bhoomi, akash, sikki, addu, jt, Deepak actually a lot of people

Guess I am fairly good at socializing but I love you guys and you can mail me your greviences for missing your name in this post

Wishing you all a very happy and prosperous new year

Friday, December 24, 2010

Human Beings and Computers

We are becoming increasingly dependent on computers. They are used in business, hospitals, crime detection and even to fly plains. What things will they be used in future. Is this dependence on computer good or we should be more suspicious of its benefits?

Barely half a century ago, the concept of computer was alien to mankind. All the calculations were done with pen and paper. Firms use to hire accountants in herds to manage there accounts. Then came computers, in what can be called as invention of the century. The idea behind the invention of computers was to create device to aid human beings in tedious and time consuming calculations requiring pinpoint precision. What was not foreseen was the potential and possibilities associated with this technology. Soon computers could be seen anywhere from industries to shops, from offices to homes, and from desktops they reached our pockets. It came as a service but have now become a utility in many parts of the world.

What sets a computer apart form other path breaking discoveries of its time, namely Radio and television? Why these technologies didn’t reach the same level as computer? The answer to this question is interactivity. Computer is an interactive device. It is customizable that is it can be modified to fit and serve user specific requirements. It reacts to users commands provides useful results, helps its owner increase his or her efficiency. It is this property of computers that creates a bond between it and its user. A computer integrates itself into the life of its owner. Which, unfortunately its counter parts television and radio couldn’t do.

This interactivity and integration also makes computer suitable for a wide range of applications. It can be embedded into home appliances. It can be a one point connection to rest of the devices in a system. A computer can also be upgraded significantly in term sof computational power. And owing to its interactive nature it can perform and multitude of complex functions. This can be observed in diversity of applications for which computers are employed. Computers are used in flight simulation, precision requiring surgeries, space operations, auto pilot, traffic monitoring, manufacturing units and many more. All technological advancement in computers have come in less than half a century.

This frenzied pace of development makes one wonder, where is this technology heading? Are those sci-fi fantasies coming real? Will there be cyborgs sprawling all across the planet? Will those digital mazes as in matrix be a reality in future? Already R&D labs across world are spending heavily on artificial intelligence and neural networks to provide thinking capabilities of human brain to computers. NASA has already send spirit and discovery, its automated probes to scan the surface of mars and provide us with valuable information. These probe can work in inhuman condition without any effect on their logical units. They can run on static source of power for long durations. They can refuel themselves. Defense departments everywhere in the world are busy in developing unmanned fighting machines. US Air force’s Predator, an Unmanned Ariel Vehicle (UAV) is one such example. It can transmit signals across continents, is undetected by radars. It has been successfully transmitting strategically sensitive information in Afghanistan and Iraq. These are but few examples of how penetrating and strong computer based technologies can be.

With human beings relentless pursuit for creating artificial intelligence, One can be in awe as well as fear of the possibilities computer presents. Where, they can be representatives of our civilizations at places where we cannot flourish, they can also be our worst nightmares if they gain complete self control. The dependence on computers need a vigilant monitoring on our part for its good as long as we are its masters but not the other way round.  

Thursday, December 16, 2010

In a State of Moral Corruption

I have been going over this particular issue over and over in my mind. Every few days I get to read stuff like this in news paper and most of the time its coming from Delhi. A few days ago it was a rape case of a BPO employee near Dhaula Kuan (  a place which was the main junction to reach my test center for IIFT) and now I read about a teenage girl who was abducted and stripped of her dignity by a hoard of spiteful creatures.  All this, day after day, it blew the lid off my  rage WHAT IN THE WORLD IS WRONG WITH DELHI? To be precise the question should be What in the world has gone wrong with delhites?
With this question haunting my mind I decided to dig up the internet for as many facts as I could come up with and my own interpretations of those facts. They may be skewed for all I care but the point is THIS NEEDS TO STOP! Is this what we will pass on to our coming generations, An Ethically disgusting place to live?
 With every search I did I came up with more abominable facts and opinions. Here is what Wikipdia has to say about Delhi on its main page dedicated to Delhi

In 2005, Delhi accounted for the highest percentage (16.2%) of the crimes reported in the 35 cities in India with populations of one million or more.[100] The city also has the highest rate of crime against women (27.6 compared to national average rate of 14.1 per 100,000) and against children (6.5 compared to national average of 1.4 per 100,000) in the country.[101]

What a glossy picture we are throwing of our nation all across the world. I feel privileged living in this country of rich culture and tradition.  Here is more I am compiling as much of news as I can for you at one place as possible for me.  For you need to understand that everything is not right. Commonwealth game might have made every Delhite proud of delhi for pulling it off magnificently amid all the legendary scams but Life is not about games. Delhi, if it keeps on going like this will soon be uninhabitable, at least for the fair sex. Here is more…
Delhi is the national capital, but the law and order is not the best in the world. In fact it is abysmally poor, with day light murders and rapes a frequent occurrence. Recently two girls were walking along the road, when a car pulled up near them and one of the girls was pulled inside the car and it sped off. This too in broad daylight, when tens of commuters were around. The girl after repeated rape was left on the roadside. The silver lining was that she was not murdered.
Over the past couple of months Delhi, has been witnessing an average of one rape case almost everyday and experts have attributed the alarming trend to two major factors - a low conviction rate and lack of better and preventive policing.
Citing rape to be one of the fastest growing crimes in the county, they say it takes an enormous amount of time to bring to book the guilty.
According to police records, over 400 rape cases have been reported in the capital in the year 2010 alone.”
I think this must be giving you some chills but this is what happening in Delhi. But the question here is why is this happening ? After decades of monetary corruption now are we heading towards an Age of moral corruption? Strangely the answer to this question can be found on a Government site. The following excerpt has been taken from  CRIMES AGAINST WOMEN CELLS - THE DELHI POLICE EXPERIENCE.
“A steep decline is evident in the male female ratio in India over the last century. It has declined from 972 females for every 1000 males in 1901 to 927 per thousand in 1991. The northern states show even poorer ratios than the national average. Along with some other countries in South Asia, India must hold itself accountable for its missing women. From cradle to grave there is a systematic discrimination against women. Nutrition, health care, education are all withheld or provided grudgingly to daughters. Son preference is expressed in deep rooted cultural mores: blessings and rituals at a marriage, foods prescribed for pregnant women, condolences at the birth of a girl child.
Violent crimes against women are both a continuation of the systematic discrimination against women and its results. The violator feels his acts are socially sanctioned; the evidence is manifest in all that he has witnessed since childhood. Women must be kept in their place, else some great calamity may befall society.The falling sex ratio should be of grave concern to law enforcement and criminal justice agencies. In simple terms who will the extra men find to marry, start a family with, or harass in a domestic relationship? Will it not lead to greater street crimes, more harassment of women in public places, more rape, and more violence in marriage as husbands strive to keep control of the increasingly rare commodity that they have managed to secure? “

The Declining Sex ratio, especially in the northern provinces of the country has got a very crucial implication on the crime scene in the national capital or should I say National Crime Capital( As many as 53,244 criminal cases, including 467 murders, 581 rapes, 1,764 dacoity and other heinous crimes, were registered in Delhi during the year). Now back to the most important issue the effect of Declining sex ratio on the crimes against women can be understood if look at certain facts.
Sex ratio in states sending majority of migrants to Delhi
Chandigarh (U.T.)
Uttar Pradesh
Madhya Pradesh
And finally
Delhi (U.T.)
Where the sex ratio of India stands at 933. 
This clearly suggests the huge disparity in the sex ratio in the national capital reason being most of the migrants that come from these states are Male labors or youngsters in search for employment. Which is one of the prime reason for skewed sex ratio in the National capital. These guys come from states where there are not enough to equate their numbers. For I can not belive that those of the educated class as most of the urban city citizens on india can be classified into would commit such heinous crimes.
Crime of this nature can only be committed by 2 catagories of people
·         Those who are immune from the law and order
·         Those who don’t know the law and order
As for the first category the Sons and daughter of corporate stalwarts with political influence and the ministers will count And as far as the second category is concerned these labors from the poorer states will count.

And as we all know both these species can be readily seen strolling through the roads of Delhi. No Wonder the crimes are soaring. But is this the only reason? Unfortunately not there is one more reason rather complex one 
It is the lax law enacted by the Morarji Desai Janta regime in 1977, which amended the law and made getting bail easier. Thus a rapist or murderer easily gets bails and the deterrent of time in jail is dispensed with. In addition the law and order in Delhi is a Central Government prerogative and the Delhi state government has no responsibility. This leads to a piquant situation and the sufferer is the law and order situation. Another aspect of the crime rate is the lax police approach. Many a time the police do not record FIR's as they would like to keep their books regarding crime clean. In addition the western UP criminal tribes come to Delhi commit the crimes and head back. But these tribes usually take part in robbery and murder. But rape and sex related crimes are the handiwork of local boys. Some of them are the children of known politicians, who are shielded by their parents. An example is the case of Nitesh kataraia.This boy was murdered by the son of a well known politician, as the boy could not accept kataria's love affair with his sister. The government of India which is responsible for the law and order of Delhi, must act before Delhi slithers further down the road of crime and anarchy.

But my friends these are not the biggest reason. The biggest reason for increasing crimes in delhi is the Sleepy citizens of delhi. There complacency. Their  cowardice. The sheer brilliance in forgetting everything. Their relentless pursuit of Ignorance.
Psychiatrist Samir Parikh blames the increasing number of rapes on the mentality of "getting away with anything.The rising number of cases suggest that the fear of consequence of action is on decline and the perception of 'get away with anything' is growing. Why is it that in Delhi young girls in buses don't find any support when they are harassed?" he asks.

They say Ignorance is a bliss but not at the cost of dear ones my friends. How long do you plan to keep on sleeping. If 14 million resident of delhi will voice their concerns over rising crime will they still be unheard? If 14 million people of delhi decides to stand against crime can they be suppressed. Its common sense the answer is No. As United we stand.

For if it continues like this one day your sisters, wives, mothers wont be able to step out of their homes.  I may sound rhetoric but who cares? As long as my voice is heard and reaches the right ears I am a happy man I don’t live in delhi and if it stays like this I certainly don’t want too. But as an Indian I fear what is delhi today may be my city tomorrow.


Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Heir to a Cursed Throne

I feel dejected; it feels hollow in my stomach.
My Insides seems to have vanished
There is a void in my heart and it seems to devour every last bit of feeling left in me.

My mind is swirling in a whirlpool of negative thoughts
I am going to drain through the eye of the storm into an emptiness 
of thoughts
Completely devoid of any form of spiritual life.

Its Back, The hopelessness of a lone success
I have everything to share but no one to share it with
I sit atop the highest hill but there is no sense of 

Its remorse, its morbid, It’s a lonely tree in 
a seemless garden
A lonely moon in a dark starless night
I see flashes of happy, smiling faces
I spread out my arms and reach out to them
They fade away.

I hear a voice, its coming from a far away place
It sounds familiar, its mine, I almost forgot.
I see the whole world I can even pull some strings
But no one seems to notice

I have got a huge following, but they don’t know me
The real me.

The Heir to a cursed throne

This is the way my life is going to be and
 I am learning to live with it
No love
No hope
No emotions
A Still Motionless Sea of Great Depth…
Mayank Rajput

11 December 2010

Friday, July 16, 2010

The Trail Of The Twelve Signs : The Theory

Chapter 1: The Theory

THE NEXT MORNING, the sky was overcast; the air was cool and was subtly flowing through the fort. Manas and Vivek were standing at one edge of the fort anxiously looking towards the pathway, the only entrance to the ancient, ruined stable.
“And you said he is the perfect Fire guy. He hasn’t even bothered to show up on time,” groaned Vivek.
“Well there are still few minutes left to 6. He’ll come, I know it.” Said Manas completely unconcerned, looking at his watch.
“How can you be so sure that he is trustworthy and that he won’t leak the secret?” asked Vivek.
“Well I have known him for almost a year and I know how much he hates this country because of its orthodox people and chaotic society. I have told him that this is the only way he can possibly leave this country. It’s like I trust his hatred for this country more than I trust him, believe me you too will, once you meet him”
In a few moments, a brooding type of guy with broad shoulders and an athletic build appeared at the end of the stable. A remorseful aloofness was writ all over his face.
“Ahh, there he is! Sharp at 6, as punctual as ever.” exclaimed Manas as Pralay joined the party.
“Well, power failure at 4 ‘O’ clock in the morning is better than any alarm in this world to make sure that you can’t sleep by just pushing a snooze button. Andif in case you are lazy and stoic enough not be waken just by the killing heat, the mosquitos are there to take care of it in that case. I simply don’t get it. How do people live in this hell?”Pralay fumed early in the morning. Vivek could almost feel the temperature rising. Manas looked at Vivek, grinning.
“I think he is the right guy for fire type,” said Vivek.
“What do you mean by ‘The right guy for fire type’? “asked Pralay completely puzzled and unaware.
“Well I guess I will explain the theory briefly to you guys, “Said Manas
“It may take sometime for you guys to completely digest it, so keep your ears open and let your imagination loose. I am not going to repeat this, so please pay attention.” Said Manas and made a dramatic pause to heighten the curiosity.

“As you already know, all the planets and stars in the universe have their gravitational pull and other properties.At any given moment all these celestial elements are at a particular distance from earth. Moreover, their alignment with respect to each other and planet Earth is unique. All these factors affect our planet and its creatures in someway or another. For example, the Moon affects the tides, the Sun affect the winds, Jupiter the meteors and cosmic rays etc. And as our body is also made of same basic elements as the Earth, we are also affected by these configurations. Before we are born, that is when our soul is about to enter this world, our body is affected by this planetary configuration and we develop an affinity towards a particular element -Water, Wind, Fire or Earth, depending upon the dominant influence. The ancient scholars studied this phenomenon in great detail and classified the planetary position in 12 time zones, each corresponding to a particular kind of planetary configuration. The children born in these time zones were classified under various degrees of planeterial influence, the 12 Zodiac signs. Most of the ancient literatures of various cultures like Hindu, Egyptian, Babylonian and many others all have these 12 variants. Some signs are strongly influenced and are called fixed signs and some adaptive signs with multiple influences called mutable signs and some forcing and outwardly directed signs called cardinal signs.These signs shows affinity towards one of the four core elements Air, water, earth or fire. Thus there 3 signs with three levels of influence per element.
In other words one fixed sign, one cardinal sign and one mutable sign per element, “Said Manas and took a break before continuing with the theory.
“So far so good” said Vivek in honest appreciation.
“Sounds logical to me, but come to the point” Said Pralay in aloof tone
“Well the point is that if a person has an affinity towards a particular element, he should be able to affect that element as well. In addition, the effect will depend on the influence and kind of influence. A fixed sign corresponding to power, a cardinal sign corresponding to guidance and a mutable sign corresponding to adaptation. Now how does the Sun and the Moon control air and water respectively? Well it is under a particular period when they are concentrated on the element that their effect is at its maximum. Thus if we wish to affect these elements we will also have to concentrate our energies on that particular element and take advantage of our innate affinity towards that particular element.” Said Manas with a finishing tone, Vivek nodded in understanding.
“And why should I believe this is practically possible?” asked Pralay in rather straightforward and impudent tone.
“I knew you would ask this” said Manas mincing peppermint powder at his forehead.
Next moment he flashed his hand, palm outwards (again the open pawed punching stance) facing Pralay’s face and a gush of wind blew Pralay backwards.
“WOW! It was strong this time” Exclaimed Vivek as last time it only blew his hair this time an entire healthy teen, that too as rigid and audacious as Pralay!
“How the hell did you do that? “ Asked Pralay in utter disbelief for the first time
“Well that’s what we are here for, to learn manipulating our influential elements.” Manas said exuding the authority of a master.
“ Well My sun sign  is Aquarius which is a fixed sign and fixed signs are responsible for Force and power and that is precisely why I was able to blow you away a few minutes ago”  said Manas pointing towards Pralay.
“Vivek is a Virgo and that is a mutable Earth Sign which means he can manipulate the element Earth. And since his is a mutable sign he can also create a bonding between his sign and other signs like Earth and Air, Earth and fire and earth and water.” Said Manas looking at Vivek.
“And Pralay yours is Aries, a Cardinal Fire sign, which means Control. So is you can control the shape and direction of your element” said Manas
“The thing is that we can all create powerful elemental manipulations. Mine is focused on Power, Vivek’s focused on Elemental combinations and Pralay yours is focused on Shape Manipulation.” Said Manas “That's if my theory is correct”.
”So as per your elements, I have designed some exercises that will help you guys, however right now all you need to do is mince this peppermint at the center of your forehead” said Manas showing some powered mint in his hand.
After giving them both some mint powder, Manas went and brought a cricket stump, a match box and a candle from inside one of the cabins in the ruined stable. He dug the stump in the ground and placed a pebble on top of it. Next he placed the candle in a shaded area and lit it with the help of match sticks.
“So for Vivek you have to concentrate as hard as you can and make this pebble fall and as for you Pralay, you just have put this flame off. As simple as that get rolling, guys and yeah one more thing, this is like teaching a kid the first alphabet. The real training starts after this.”
“Yeah we know it. This is as easy as stealing a lolly-pop from a 4 year old kid” said Pralay ruefully.
“I think you have never stolen a lolly-pop from anyone” Said Vivek, considering the seriousness and the difficulty of doing it for the first time.
And so the first whole week passed without any result. On the other hand Manas was unraveling many untold things.

… To be continued
Mayank Rajput

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Trail Of The Twelve Signs

Chapter 1: The Theory
“Mom I am leaving” said Manas. It was 5:30 in the morning, for past 2 months Manas had suddenly started going out for jogging every morning and generally returned quite late. Though this was a good habit but it was showing adverse effects on his health and his mom was really worried about her son’s new habit of jogging. She was quite sure that there was something going on in his mind but what it was, She had no idea moreover she was sure that he was not going to share it either.
What’s up in his head, I wish he stays safe and returns back to normal soon. May be once the school starts again things will be back on track’ Thought his mom.
In the outskirts of a suburban Indian town, the mornings are generally slow. Time passed with real ease it feels like the whole world is running at an amble pace. Manas set out for a walk toward an old fort which was about a kilometre away from his home. Now this was his place, his open air laboratory, the place where he rigorously tested his theory. It was about 2 months ago when he was enchanted by this weird concept. Initially he had several doubts but as the time passed and he researched and experimented more, he got more and more captivated by the theory and got firm in his belief that what he has concluded was definitely gettable. Despite continuous and never ending failures, his trust in the theory didn’t seem to shake even the slightest bit. As he was jogging to his destination a brisk drizzle started and was over in a while. But Manas was in a different world all together.

‘I am really close. There is just some minor thing that i am missing. What exactly is it, everything seems to be so logically placed, this should work, either there is a problem with my level of concentration or i have missed some fine link in this ancient chain...  Its gotta work, their is no reason why it should not work unless all the ancient documents are fake and myth and just creation of bored human mind.’  With all these thought running and stirring through his mind soon he reached his place

Brijore city’s fort was situated on an evenly spread and long flat hill with temples and small forts spread all over the hill, unlike one single castle Brijore’s Fort was a group a spaced out ruins temples and castles. An old fort, the last relic of Rajput Dynasty which ruled Brijore (Manas’s City) for hundred of years, It will be an exaggeration to say it a fort anymore as it was nothing more than shattered ruin. However, the fort was a hotspot for early morning joggers but the crowd was generally concentrated towards the lesser ruined places, mostly the temples. At one corner of the fort was a shattered ruin that probably had been a stable for the king’s horses and no one really visited. This was Manas’s laboratory a secluded place with various shattered walls and lobbies surrounding an Open square, at the centre of which was an old tree. Manas went and sat right under the tree and focused on the wall in front of him, about 15-20 feet away. There was a Big Dark Circle etched out on the wall surrounding a thinner white inner circle with a Black dot at the centre. Manas had scratched this circle to concentrate at one point, this was a very essential pre requisite for his theory to work. Everyday he sat for hours in a meditative position, his palms wide open directed at his face and concentrated as hard as he possibly could but nothing happened. He has been sitting in that position for more than 30 minutes now but still nothing seemed to be happening at all. It has been like this for almost 2 months now, He went there sat in that position concentrating, believing that it will work but it never did. Just than a drop of water from the leaves of the tree right above him, fell on his forehead. The Next moment a gust of wind stormed his face blowing all his hairs straight up, for moments he thought his head will be blown as well.
“That’s it I did it” He jumped in exhilaration what was eluding him for 2 months has finally happened.
‘Just what was I missing why didn’t it happen earlier?’  He said to himself. To make sure that it was not a fluke, he decided to check it once again. He stood in front of the tree, moved his hands in an agile sweep, at the same time focused toward the centre of his eyes. After making sure that he has concentrated sufficiently, he channelled the concentration through his arms at the centre of his palm and opened his hands in a move that can be described as an open pawed punch. Next moment a jet of air blow the tree fiercely, shredding a heap of leaves flying all along with the wind leaving the parent tree forever.     
“Yeeeeeeeeha I finally got it and now I know what was missing “exclaimed Manas in triumph.
With happiness swept all across his face he headed back home. Savouring the entire way back home into his memories, after 2 months finally his experiments were over the theory he so fanatically pursued was not just a fluke it really did exist and worked. Once he got back home and finished his daily chores, he decided to meet his best Bud Vivek.
“Mom I am going at Vivek’s place will be home later.” Said Manas and left his home in a hurry. Beside himself, Vivek was the only one who knew his theory but was more than sceptical of its success but as has been Manas’s debating skills, he was never able to defend his doubts on Manas’s hypothesis backed by facts and ancient literature. 
“Vivek!” Shouted Manas at Vivek’s doorsteps.

“Come in man I am in the computer room” ,Vivek has always been confined to his computer room, as far as memory goes, Manas could only picturise Vivek in his computer room with 2 chairs, One for himself and one for anticipated guest and a stool, rather a miniature version of a table to keep snacks.

“Man it worked “Said Manas animatedly.
“What worked?”
“My Theory it worked man it really did “said Manas joyously.
“Which one of your weird theory man? “Asked Vivek rather more plainly.
“Holy-Crap!, The one about the 12 signs. One backed with the ancient literature of many religions. It worked I can do it. “Said Manas with a look of victory in his eyes
“What! You’ve gotta be kidding me. It isn’t possible. “Said Vivek in disbelief
“I knew you would say so. Just see this” said Manas rubbing some white powder on his forehead between his eyes.
“What’s that now some magic powder?”
“Ha-ha! Nopes man just minced peppermint” said Manas “ look at my hand carefully”
He spread out his right hand gently and placed it on the stool between them. Next, he twitched his hand a few times, concentrated all his energies at the centre of his forehead and in a few moments air began to spiral between the outlines of his palm. In another few seconds, the spiralling air turned into a miniature turbulent typhoon. Than he released the concentration through his palms and blow the typhoon at Vivek’s face. The expressions on Vivek’s face and the direction in which his hairs settled were well beyond description.
“Wow! “  Exclaimed Vivek in disbelief
“This is Epic, I mean this is amazing, unreal how did you do that?”
“Well you know the theory and according to it I should be able to manipulate air as I wish, If only I had the will power or concentration. Right” said Manas “ But even after trying for months It wasn’t succeeding. Just when I started having doubts on it, When I began questioning what was I missing? I mean their must be some small thing. Something minute, a small miscalculation or probably I missed something and thought it was insignificant. When I started having doubt, if ever I will be able to fully decipher this theory, Weather the ancient text, which I blindly trusted, was even true or not. It worked, completely out of the blue,   today while practicing that theoretical exercise of concentrating on a point, a drop of water fell at the centre of my forehead from the tree and all my energy and attention was focused on centre and than a gush of wind blew my face. So practically the exercise wasn’t wrong it was just that I was focusing on the wrong point, on the wall instead of my Third eye.” Said Manas with a grin followed by a pause, silence.
“ Now I want to check it with other signs as well and that’s why I am here” said Manas
“Hmm well I am sceptical If will be able to do it, It took you 2 whole months Man!” said Vivek
“Ahhh don’t worry about it I have thought of a way and I know what mistakes I did so for you guys it should come in lesser time” said Manas.
“Hmm as you say and what about the other signs?” asked Vivek.
“Well haven’t found anyone trustworthy from water signs but we will meet a Fire guy tomorrow morning at my Open-air lab” joked Manas.
“Time for me to leave have to plan some convenient training for you guys as well as refine the theory for an easier explanation for Pralay”
“Pralay is the fire guy!!!!, You have gotta be kidding me” asked Vivek in disbelief.
“Yeah! Don’t worry I know him for more than a year and he is the perfect guy for a fire sign” said Manas. Winked and left back for his home.

…To be continued
Mayank Rajput
 July 5, 2010