Friday, January 28, 2011

Irrational Pursuit of Rationality?

When was the last time you really felt happy? The last time you laughed till your stomach hurt? When was it that you felt deep emotions of attachment? Having hard time remembering such time? Well you are not alone. In our endless pursuit for reason and logic we human being are turning into emotionless individuals. The rational man today, even though surrounded by a lot of fellow mates, is the loneliest person. His reasons are his own and not everyone understands them. He knows what is right and what is wrong. He knows what has happened, what is happening and what may happen. But is his thought process is different, different from the masses, at least he thinks so. So where the emotional parts, the feelings , the bonds, the attachments In short the sense of humanity?
These are the most common problems faced by the ‘enlightened’ ones in our society. Whatever He sees, he sees the logic and science behind it. An apple falls from a tree not because it has ripened but because of gravity. He feels cold not because its winter but because our body temperature is higher than the surrounding temperature. He doesn’t deliberately think this way but his brain automatically looks for these aspects: Science and Logic. Is there something wrong with him? Is he so overly indulged into phenomenon that he has lost the essence of life: - emotions.  
Not necessarily so. A rational person is generally immune to rashness or loss of control. In other words a rational person is always in control. He is conscious. Conscious of his emotions, so much conscious that he can not even feel them, he is observing them. Its only when the magnitude of emotions is very high that his tight control and Shield of consciousness is broken. He Cries, he laughs, feels sad and Feels Happy. But he cannot enjoy the small moments of life. He is genuinely happy but he cannot feel it.  Is he compromising a lot by being conscious of his presence? Is he on an Irrational Pursuit of Rationality?