Tuesday, February 22, 2011

To be Alive

I don’t have an idea about what it is that I want to write right now. The only thing I know is that I want to write.  It has been quite sometime now that I have been having this feeling of uneasiness. I have been pondering over it but so far it has been inconclusive. Probably I didn’t know the source of uneasiness. But rights now I feel very light as if have gained some secret knowledge. I feel Enlightened.
As person I have always believed that I am an effective communicator. But very recently I found out that when I feel that I must be very effective now, at this very moment. My affectivity falls down. I lose my spontaneity. I lose my mysticism. I lose the essential elements of my personality. So I thought a lot about what I should do. And in the process of doing so I guess I found more than what I set out to find.

Am I alive? For that matter what does living actually means? I think it means getting better and being aware of it. If at the end of the day you sleep wit a feeling of having achieved something, of having done something worth while. You are living. How do we know that we have accomplished something? In other words how do we know that we are living? First thing you need to answer yourself is what is your purpose in life? What do you want to gain? What path have you chosen? Having answered all these question just answer one more question and you will know if you have accomplished something or not. How many steps on that path did you traveled today?

Our existence is our state of mind.  It’s the consciousness of knowing a purpose and moving forward to fulfill it. Most of the time we don’t know what it is that we want to do. And this is true with a huge majority of people who think they know what they want to do? Do you feel alive doing the work that you think is what you want to do in your life? When you are working is your work the only thing that matters to you in those moments? How painful is the thought of not being allowed to do what you believe that you love to do?

Wondering why there are more question marks than full stops in this article? <-(Here it is one more) well because the answer for every one of us is different. Its like I am out to reach for mountains, their coldness, the mist of the early morning, the echo of falling water at a distant waterfall, the moistness of a heavy and chilled breeze bring to life everything it touch, the serenity and the silence. On the other hand your destination might the salty winds having its origin at the middle of an ocean, the fine crystals of sand at the sea shore preserving every step you take, the tides of time erasing the steps you took like bruises of past, the fire of sun meeting the water of ocean at a distant horizon, the depth and the sobriety. As our destination differs our purpose in life differs and so the path we take for it differs but what remains same is the essence of life. Moving forward, advancing, striding towards the destination.

Journey is more important than the destination! Well it is but when you know the right path and you are conscious of your decision. Every step you take towards the journey its by savoring the beauty of the path you have taken. You enjoy the journey because you know its right and in your consciousness and surety of the path you have taken is the art of living. 

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Who Is Monk ?

    "Get ready, He is in the elevator."
    "He might be here anytime now.."
    -Gate opens-
    "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to dear sir, happy birthday to you!"

    “Ohh that’s so sweet of you all. Thanks for giving such a memorable start to my day." A forced smile appeared on his lips. “Now get back to work!” Madhav waved his hands at his subordinates and moved towards the glass walls of his office. It was 9th Feb. 2013, Madhav’s 27th birthday. It had been 4 years since he joined the organization. Owing to his prowess as a professional, he soon reached the position of a regional manager.

    "Why do people celebrate birthdays? I mean, why don’t I feel anything special when its my birthday today? Everyone seems to be happy. Happy because its my birthday? Why should they be happy about it when I am not? Ahhh forget it! There is a lot of work to do.."
    He pushed the glass door open and walked to his chair while admiring the huge painting behind it. Pressing the bell for the operator's desk, he settled into his official chair.
    “You called for me?” said a mellow voice. It was Neha, she had been his secretary for 2 years since he was first positioned as a regional manager.
    “Yeah, where is Choitram Hospital's project file? We have to finalize the design today.”
    “The project has been put on hold by the headquarter due to some issues with the Choitram organization.
    “Ohhh that was sudden. Hmmm anyways, what are the other things that need to be done today?”
    “Madhav, take it easy sometimes in life. By the way, yeah! I forgot to wish you, Happy Birthday.”
    “Haha! That wish sounded a bit sarcastic. Was it?”
    “Well, I guess that’s the way it works with you. Seeing how you don’t understand emotions.”
    “Ahhh stop it at least today.”
    “Hmmm. Why? Does 'birthday' mean something special for you?”
    “You know the answer to that already, don’t you?! Just stop for the sake of it. We will have a party tonight. I promise.”
    “Do you actually think doing things that normal people do, will make you normal? Anyways there is no point in telling you anything! Working with you for all these years has at least taught me that. Forget it. There is a letter for you from the directors. And yes. I will come to the party.”
    “I knew you would agree. And what is in that letter?”

    “How would I know?” She searched for it in her briefcase.
    “Here. Check it yourself. I will go now. And if not for anyone else, at least for yourself, have some rest today.”
    “Thanks sweetheart. Don’t worry, I will have my share of respite.”


    Hello Madhav,
    The board is very happy with your commitment and dedication towards your work. We appreciate the efforts you have put into making the organization grow from a new entrant to a key market player in the zone. We would like to wish you a very rewarding future on this auspicious day in your life. The company MD will be visiting your region today and the company has arranged a party at the Grand Hyatt tonight to which you are coordially invited. Enjoy the day. Also, there might be some important announcements towards the end of the day. Pleasant ones.
    R.N. Ramaswamy
    W.L.G. ltd.

    "Hmmm! So the oldies have thought of something. What could it be? Considering the positive tone of this letter and specially the last words ‘Pleasant ones’, I believe it could be a promotion or a big contract or maybe an onsite position in some western country. Ahhh whatever! One thing’s for sure. I will have to spend the night in a boring party, tailing behind the MD.. Why do people waste their time in parties for the sake of enjoyment? A peaceful sleep seems to be a much better option."

    -Phone Rings!-
    “Hi! Madhav here.”
    “Hi Madhav” said a very strange but familiar voice.
    “Who is this??” asked Madhav feeling a churn in his stomach.
    “Don’t remember me? Do you? Monk!” said the voice and disconnected.

"What? Who could that be? How in the world does she know Monk?! Nobody has called me by that name for 4 years now." A sense of anxiety and intrigue assimilated within Madhav. "Who could that be? And why did she call today? More importantly, Monk? How does she know about Monk!"

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Birthday to my Bestie

Its Second feb today a very important day for someone very very important to me. Its been 2 years since I know her and without a doubt she is one person who has influenced my life a lot. I think I am indebted to her for many things in life.
She has truly been an inspiration for me. More like a guiding light. My all time advisor :P. I think she is my Guardian Angel. Chunnu , you are most creative soul that I know on this planet:P. I don’t know why I suck up woth words when ever I have to say something important (now I will be needing your advise on this matter as well).
I still remember how you counseled me out of that huge depression I was in. how you told me and encouraged me that I should write and can be a good writer. When I think of it half of the things I am doing today and I want to do in my life have been in someway influenced by you.  And I am really grateful for that J
I know there is not much that I can tell you. But one thing that I want to say is Just be yourself J you are an amazing person. A person who change the life of the person around her. No matter what comes in life you can always conquer it \m/. You have a friend here whom you can anytime call, ping, or whatever comes to ur mind :P and order around (if you plan to:P ). You can always count on me :)
Man in words this may not look as good as it came to my mind. But I know you can read my mind :P may this be your best birthday in life. And this year be the beginning a highly rewarding life. May one day we work together :P I cant tell you how happy I will be
Have a super awesome and legendary birthday. I wish this brings a smileJ
You are the light that showed me the way
You are the words that give solace to my troubled mind.
You are my guardian angel through the highs and lows of life
You are my mentor, my guide, my bestest friend.
>:D< Love you chunnu
A very happy Birthday