Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Way of Brothers

Well today when i went upstairs, Dad was there Bullying my younger brother. Cant tell you what satisfaction the heart of a brother gets When you see your brother getting bullied by parents( Believe me it cant be compared with anything else it just one of a kind feeling ). And When you are the one to Whom your brother is being compared and is getting his leg pulled. Its an amazingly profound feeling. You kind of cherish that still frame in which your Brother is Gazing at u in utter disgust ( " I'll get back to you Grrrr Wait for my turn !! You bastard ).
This is when the world begin to think that these two brothers are made to hate each other. as for them you dont leave any single opportunity to show the other one down. But truth is completely invert of this situation. The brother you show that you hate Most in the world is always the one You can blindly trust. He is the one who knows your secrets more than anyone else. and to amazement unlike a sister who everyone find comforting and easy to share secrets . The brother is whole together a different species. You dont look in his eyes ( neither do he ) but you  know everything( so do he). It dont even happen through eyes it happens instinctively.
He knows when you are talking to you girlfriend. How many girls are you seeing. How money you are spending. he knows everything believe me ( unless he thinks its not all important ). and so are you . you know everything ( Or you have so much trust on him that you dont care boud that ).
In simple words this Blog is About how complex is a relationship between brothers They are always behind your neck and they are also the one who are first to save your neck.
i guess this is too much shit over a silly matter.
lets save some for later .


Shriram said...

Man u hav perfectly portrayed the relationship between Brothers :D especially the GF part :P but its not a silly matter i guess :)


hey thanks maahn understand that
You have a brother as well na

Abhishek -The one said...

quite a general statement...could have been elaborated a little more

Nikhil the shadeslayer said...

hmm i relate to it :P


ha ha ha all the brothers can relate to it
thats a success :D

-NainA- said...

hey i can relate to this too.. :\ in a way..

dont havta be a guy there u know :P all my cuzn brothers are the same.. towards me too.. !

i guess brothers fall into a whole different league.. they are the silent protectors who'll also be the first ones to tell u off on your face ! revenge+responsibility.. its always a masti bhara relationship :D

sisters are equally kewler tho :P lol

nice blog :D but like Abhishek said.. you could have elaborated more on this.. I mean.. it leaves the readers wanting more outta the post.. you gave it an abrupt ending like your thoughts :P

Keep it up :D

-- I luv all my brothers B-) --


okk well than as the readers demand i'll go in detail of this topic and will than post an elaborated viewpoint :P

Anonymous said...

a good subject but the ending was hastened.

couldn't understand the significance of starting words with capital letters suddenly in the middle of a sentence and using small letters to start a word after full stop (.)


Looks like i'll seriously have to come up with Way of Brothers -2
in detailed format

gautam said...

gud is exactly the same as the relationship between me and my bro......

anamika priyadarshini said...

:) don't have a bro!!
your selection of topics are making me read and comment on every single one..

varsa.. said...

seriously true :)

Prerna Munshi said...

Well written! :):)

nAkShAtRa said...

woah i dint knw bout this post :P

n well....evn sisters cn understand their brothrs wen they r doing khufiapanti :P

gr8 one!!