About Me

Unflappable <-- This word gets as close as anyone get to understand me.
Not subject to rash or exaggerated reaction, persistently calm, whether when facing difficulties or experiencing success; not easily upset or excited. 
Hmm so lets Try to understand me Well guys its something next to impossible Cz the DNA of thoughts Changes every second.
As a person I m someone who loves to make friends and I trust all of my friends and can go to any length to help u if u ever need me. 
Well once I was told a thing That the number of times we use “I “in our sentences determine our level of ego So as of now we will try to Avoid Using the word I. as a Human being We should think Above the limits of our body every one thinks about themselves what’s the deference Lets think About Mankind 
One more thing about me Is I never gets angry frankly speaking I don’t remember the last time I lost my temper.Always Analyzing, penetrating through each and everything is my hobby and is something that just can’t be avoided.
There are few things that Lures my attention 
And Brainstorming (Yeah I love this)Few of my Fav topics are Soul, GOD, Astrophysics, Human Psychology and Most recently The Ultimate Paradox LOVE.
I m an Avid Music Lover 
Bryan Adams Devotee 
Second thing I Love a Lot -- Words 
My fav Pass Time Thinking and Dreaming 
I m a Big-time Dreamer and strategist who always make Fool proof plans and rarely Implement any of them Unlike Most of the people Who lacks Conviction I m Overwhelmed With Conviction in success That I rarely feel the need of putting in Efforts as I believe That success will definitely Come One day at the right time and this is not the right time To OPEN MY WINGS 

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