Sunday, June 28, 2009


The breezes of winter when blew my hair
Instead of chill i felt a flair
It feel like it was yesterday
I slept in her laps like in happyness bay

The feel of her presence was so warming
I started to feel as if i was prince charming
She laughed on my dumbness as if a joke
The innocense in her smile was ocean of hope

I knew tht there was sumthing she was hiding frm me
But her cheerfullness and madness never let me worry
Sumwhere inside my heart i knew sumthing was wrong
But everything was absconded in her happyness thong

One sunday morning we were roaming in the park
Her hands in my hands an instant love spark
Then suddenly occured a bolt frm the blue
She fell in my arms her face was gloomed

It didnt took me long to know she was unconcious
Everything around seeemed so omnius
Her body in my arms i rushed through the park
Docs analysed her and said she had moments too last

The world around me crashed like a glass
I was in desert wid oasis so far
Everything seemed so meaning less
I felt lonenly in hopelessness

Her pressence her innocense wakes me at night
Her absence her her smile makes me weep at nights
To get off this hell i went on the hill
Where this winter breeze makes me still

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Friday, June 5, 2009

My Lucky Angel

In the golden light of early morning

My eyes were dazed by a glare at a distance

From my blinking eyes I peaked

And saw the pearl that I always seek


She was looking upwards at the reddish sun

Her eyes were shrunk and nose contracted

The horizons of her lips were stretched

With a broad smile as if bridging East & West


There was a certain charm to her beautiful face

Just a glance made butterflies flew out of my heart

She looked at me and waved her hand

Oh! Man!! The feeling was hard to stand


I tried to restrain but smile was obvious

My mind was zooming, though physically there I felt unconscious

I walk up to her and moved my hand

When she hold Man!! The warmth was so fabulous


I sat there all day to admire her beauty

Don’t know why but I knew it was my eternal duty

That was the first time I saw that pearl

Now she’s always with me MY LUCKY ANGEL