Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Heir to a Cursed Throne

I feel dejected; it feels hollow in my stomach.
My Insides seems to have vanished
There is a void in my heart and it seems to devour every last bit of feeling left in me.

My mind is swirling in a whirlpool of negative thoughts
I am going to drain through the eye of the storm into an emptiness 
of thoughts
Completely devoid of any form of spiritual life.

Its Back, The hopelessness of a lone success
I have everything to share but no one to share it with
I sit atop the highest hill but there is no sense of 

Its remorse, its morbid, It’s a lonely tree in 
a seemless garden
A lonely moon in a dark starless night
I see flashes of happy, smiling faces
I spread out my arms and reach out to them
They fade away.

I hear a voice, its coming from a far away place
It sounds familiar, its mine, I almost forgot.
I see the whole world I can even pull some strings
But no one seems to notice

I have got a huge following, but they don’t know me
The real me.

The Heir to a cursed throne

This is the way my life is going to be and
 I am learning to live with it
No love
No hope
No emotions
A Still Motionless Sea of Great Depth…
Mayank Rajput

11 December 2010


hiral said...

thts it...
u need sum1 2 stuff feelings into u now!

Prachi said...

wow.. that was depressing..

try using 'insides' instead of intestines.. gives it a more poetic effect.. :P

and, well.. I liked the poem.. It kinda portrays your feelings precisely.. :)

nice one! :D


Shriram said...
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Shriram said...

Awesome :)
I really liked it :D
If u ask me this jus means u hav better,brighter days ahead ;)

n this poem reminds me of "Fools Garden - Lemon tree" :P
it may sound weird :P


thanks Hiral
well i am not sure if they can be stuffed into me :P


bunnu i am not that low
was just feeling like that on that particular moment
as of now i am perfectly alright :D


thanks a lot shri
what is fools garden ??

a band ?

and thanks for the wishes :)

Shriram said...

yup its band :D

chk this :P

Akash said...

If i go by the poem and take the heir of the cursed throne as you then its kinda weird that you don't have trustworthy friends!
You are the most sociable guy i have ever seen in my life..believe me

Well i can guarantee that you can stuff things into me if no one is with you :D

Anytime brother!