Monday, April 12, 2010

7 to 9

I remember the day when you entered the class
There was a strange feeling with in my heart
I didn't notice that it was love
But my heart was continously giving signals.

I quarreled hiding my feelings for you
I smiled hiding my fantasies for you
I talked hiding my emotions for you
I wanted you but always showed
I am better without you.

I tried telling you many times
What i feel about you
But every time i felt
This not a good thing to do

The day also arrived when you left me behind
you didn't even gave me a touch a of emotion
and said oh! dear
i was sinking in the ocean of tears.


Dude 'n' Princess said...

try singing it kinda rap style.. i liked the rythm in my head :)


Thanks Pratika for it
She has written this one and yeah she is a Bis Music maniac and a good singer as well

raj said...

I know her..that she is a great single..