Thursday, December 3, 2009



Came as a fruit of spring filled all with delight

The prodigy had a look on his face that left all mesmerized

Showered with unconditional love and care

The guy was always apple of eyes

Grew up into calm composed budding ambient

With taken for granted love and care he became self indulgent

All those who sat him on their shoulders

To him they become mere ordinary existence

Being adulated for no reason still kept him on cloud 9

Closed his eyes, as they were, inculcated in him, Ignorance

Living in myths of being affable

He unknowingly grew into a heartless soul

At once that myth broke

Glass were shattered and tainted, reflections were blurred

He looked inside himself found banging wind chains

Amid the unbearable melodious vibrations, were Lovely childish still frames?

He broke he cried but tears were dry

He stressed hard but emotions were dead no idea where they lie

He tried again, again and again finally felt a thing

A dull thing

The only thing


Mayank Rajput

3rd December 2009


Nitssss......... said...

nice thought :)

Dude 'n' Princess said...

a good lesson indeed .. loved the flow in your poems :)