Friday, June 5, 2009

My Lucky Angel

In the golden light of early morning

My eyes were dazed by a glare at a distance

From my blinking eyes I peaked

And saw the pearl that I always seek


She was looking upwards at the reddish sun

Her eyes were shrunk and nose contracted

The horizons of her lips were stretched

With a broad smile as if bridging East & West


There was a certain charm to her beautiful face

Just a glance made butterflies flew out of my heart

She looked at me and waved her hand

Oh! Man!! The feeling was hard to stand


I tried to restrain but smile was obvious

My mind was zooming, though physically there I felt unconscious

I walk up to her and moved my hand

When she hold Man!! The warmth was so fabulous


I sat there all day to admire her beauty

Don’t know why but I knew it was my eternal duty

That was the first time I saw that pearl

Now she’s always with me MY LUCKY ANGEL


fiddle-faddle said...

is the experience real life ;) preety well expressed ....

Cool & Super Cool said...

nopes yaar

i dont hv Any Gf

not lucky enough just an imagination